Monday, June 29, 2009

同濟會 生命接力抗癌 華人踴躍響應 Kiwanis at Relay for Life

Relay For Life of Arcadia 2009 June 27 to 28 11am to 11am

Santa Anita Park

24 hours you will never forget!

This year we honor the moemory of Charles Gilb, pat Mayor of Arcadia and highly respected Arcadia resident
Kiwanis of Arcadia

the star of our booth... Pot Stickers!!

生命接力抗癌 華人踴躍響應
June 28, 2009 12:00 AM
來自亞凱迪亞的華裔高中生,以各式各樣青少年喜愛的商品,進行抗癌義賣。 記者陳慈暉∕攝影

為協助美國癌症協會籌募抗癌研究及預防推廣經費,亞凱迪亞市27日在聖塔安尼塔跑馬場舉辦24小時「生命接力賽」(Relay for Life),當天參加者的捐款即接近4萬元,現場更有許多社團籌設義賣攤位,參與的華裔青少年及居民相當踴躍,義賣所得也將捐贈給該癌症協會。



華 裔會員占三分之二的同濟會(Kiwanis Club),去年參與「生命接力賽」活動後,今年再度參與。會長許惠欽表示,癌症罹患者有逐漸年輕化趨勢,今年除特別捐2500元給美國癌症協會,作為兒 童癌症研究外,更發動亞凱迪亞高中100位學生參加生命接力賽,同時也在現場設立攤位,宣導禁菸、如何以健康生活及飲食防癌等觀念與知識。

18位亞凱迪亞華裔高中學生,除輪番上陣參加接力賽,還以命名為「Nothing is bigger than love」的攤位,以刺青貼紙、夜光裝飾品、射氣球及猜謎遊戲、現場製作動物氣球等多項活動,進行抗癌義賣。

另 一由華裔高中生組成的非營利社團「Simply Savant」,就讀克萊蒙高中九年級的會長寧琪表示,該會由14位來自聖蓋博、亞凱迪亞、聖迪瑪斯、克萊蒙、聖伯納諾汀諾及奇諾岡等地的高中生組成,今 年暑假在巴沙迪那從事暑期學習營的義工服務,並首次報名參加「生命接力賽」的活動,該會會員平日都頗愛運動,不乏排球、籃球、網球及高爾夫球高手,大家對 這項持續進行24小時的活動,都信心滿滿。

該活動將持續至28日上午11時,有興趣者可前往參加,地址:285 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91007。

Why Do We Relay?

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. The American Cancer Society Relay For Life® unites communities across the country each year to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that takes too much.

This year marks the beginning of our celebration of 25 years of Relay For Life®. Won’t you join us this year and be a part of Relay? Help us mark this milestone and celebrate the successes we’ve achieved together during the last 25 years.

Watch a short video on Relay For Life and the impact that the event has on people and the community, by clicking on the image above.

Your involvement with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life is essential to supporting our mission to eliminate cancer as a major health issue. The American Cancer Society fights cancer on four fronts: research, education, advocacy, and service.

--excerpt from American Cancer Society Website

The American Cancer Soceity is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education advocacy and service.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

羅蘭崗建市簽名運動 Rowland Heights Advocacy for City hood

從4月25日起跑羅蘭崗建市委員第二回簽名請願活動每個週末不缺席,固定在幾個人潮熱鬧地點超市,銀行,郵局等商家前設立簽名連署站,建市委員許惠欽(John Hsu) 30日表示民眾反應熱烈,簽名收集進度順利正常.
去年第一次申請建市,簽名卻被洛縣挑毛病打回票, 這次他們格外小心,民眾簽名和筆跡都要清楚,連羅蘭崗英文地名都要完整拼出來,服務的戴小姐說,去年不少請願上書 地名用簡寫, 居然被退回.
為了達成目包標, 建市委員會這次卯足勁[ 四管齊下], 分別有週末簽名站,拜訪老人公寓,挨家挨戶拜訪和電話等分頭進行. 該會建市網站網址, 歡迎居民上網掌握最新资訊. 整個簽名請願流程估計三個月內完成簽名收集


Friday, June 19, 2009

STC Presentation at HSBC Appreciation Dinner

HSBC Premier Appreciation Dinner
Thursday, June 18, 2009 6:30 PM

San Gabriel Hilton Hotel
225 W. Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776

HSBC has invited special speaker John Hsu, STC Management, to speak for at the HSBC Premier Appreciation Dinner Event. By RSVP only, HSBC presented the night with informative topic "How to achieve wealth through Commercial Properties", and last but not least, a wonderful dinner, speaking by John Hsu and Dalerie Wu.

The guests had a lot of questions for the speakers, and whomever asked the questions got a bottle of delicious red wine from STC.

Some of the quesitons asked were:

Q: "I have a piece of land perfect for retail, but is right now a good time to develop the land?"

John: " To answer that question responsibly, we'll have to consider several factors. First we'll have to access the consumer expenditure of the local demographics. An either pre-existing or developable need for a shopping center is required from the local residents. Also, we would need to consider the length of time to bring this project into fruition. With our economy being so volatile, we have to factor in the length of process to ensure all data collected will be applicable upon the project's completion"

Q: "What is the situation with warehouses in city such as El Monte or City of Industry,?"

John: " You will not be surprised to know that the property value is dropping in these places. From what I've heard, I've even known places had 50 % rent rate drops, which effect the property value a great deal. With proper study, we can tell you the location and the property that will be a good investment if you are interested to go into the market. "

STC Management want to extend appreciation to HSBC for their invitation for this wonderful opportunity to present to their clients what STC Management do best: Create Wealth through Commercial Properties.

Friday, June 12, 2009

John Hsu Talks about investment in the economic downturn

John Hsu Talks about investment in the economic downturn

Concourse Health Day 5/31/08 TV News

Interviews at the Concourse Medical Center Free Health Screening

Interviews at the Concourse Medical Center Free Health Screening

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kiwanis Karaoke Mixer!

It's time to get shine!

At the Kiwanis Karaoke Mixer, people sang to their hearts content! But Douglas, don't grow up so fast. We'll leave the more mature lyrics for another day.... :)

STC Concourse Medical Center Free Health Screening Day

May 30, 2009

The Concourse Medical Center Free Health Screening Event has finally drawn to a close.

Our medical partners at the Concourse Medical Center and the generosity of the community leaders freely provided all of our Health screening, performances, and information booth. Coca Cola and Nestlé Coffee provided free drinks and all of the seminar speakers donated their expertise in hopes to bring information to our community members.

Thanks to the philanthropic effort of our involving partners, hundreds of attendee came and went with the knowledge that the care is still live and well amongst the Chinese Community.

Concourse Health Day 5/31/08 Press Conference

photo from left to right:
Renee(Whittier Hospital), Paul (Southern California Edison), Dr. Win(United Multi Care Group, CEO), John Hsu (STC Management), 慧聖法師 and Volunteer(西來寺), Calvin Mann (Puente Hills Toyota, Asian VIP Sales Director), Dennis Hsiao(Central Health, Lead Marketing Coordinator)

Thanks to all of our media friends that have spread the news of this good thing. The purpose of this event is to give back to the community, and help in anyway we can to induce the awareness and cohesiveness of our local communities. We cannot do this without our media friend and our community friend's help! Again, Thank you for coming out!!