Tuesday, August 25, 2009

用管理創造財富實務講座 Upcoming Seminar in Irvine (Oct. 3, 2009)

STC Management has invited 300 potential investors to attend an exclusive professional learning and networking opportunity at its October 2009 Seminar, to be held at Irvine Chinese School. In today’s downturn, a firm’s financial strength and long term success depend on its ability to interpret economic indicators and foresee future issues. The Seminar serves as a unique opportunity for business professionals to learn about the most recent developments in the economy and how to devise creative solutions to adapt to ongoing change.

Having recently been awarded the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) distinction by the Institute of Real Estate Management, STC Management has demonstrated the highest level of performance, experience, and long-term financial stability. The firm will reveal the strategies behind its successful expansion in the SG area and, more recently, its growing presence in the Orange County area. The firm will also introduce the many partners it has collaborated with to overcome obstacles in the firm’s recent rapid expansion and evolving economic climate. They will seek to promote the importance of quality as well as unwavering ethical standards – qualities essential for the joint success of clients, vendors, and tenants alike. The seminar promises to be a worthwhile investment, a positive learning environment and opportunity to foster exciting new relationships conducive to one’s future endeavors.

For more information on this event please contact:
(866) STC-4006

Upcoming Dec. 13, 2009 STC Appreciation Party

To be held at Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry.

August Birthday Bash

Monday, August 10, 2009

Walnut Job Fair July 31, 2009 核桃市31日就業博覽會

STC Management participated in the Walnut Job Fair on July 31, 2009.
It was amazing how many people shown up for this event. It's evident that we all need to pay more attention to the economics in the job market. It is the intention of the Mayor, Mary Su, to broaden the job opportunity for her constituents. And it's STC Management's hope to find good people with great heart in this event.

From Newspaper clips

From Taiwan Daily News

(記者林蓮華/核桃市報導)金融風暴失業率節節上升,一職難求,核桃市市長蘇王秀蘭團隊在兩個月苦心聯絡下,將於731(下週五)下午2點至5點,於核桃市老人中心舉行「就業博覽會」(Job Fair)預計60多家廠商設攤,包括提供就業、打工、升學資訊等,不限核桃居民,完全開放,全程免費,歡迎僑民或子女把握機會,善加利用。


蘇王秀蘭指出,市府提出免費平台,公司行號設攤完全無需付費,民眾應徵也全程免費。設攤行號許多不乏是大企業,涵蓋層面廣,像是Wal-MartRalph’ s SupermarketSTC ManagementCGM DevelopmentAT& TV-Trent USA CorpApple One等等,其中還有全新公司Smart Plastic需才孔急,以及像是太陽能高科技等產業也都有參加,華人大型超商大華九九加入;最特殊的是美國陸、海、空三軍也都提供優厚福利,鼓勵年輕人從軍報國。警察行政人員也有缺額,期間並設有專業攤位,協助如何面試輔導。

60多家厂商設攤征求人才 核桃市舉行就業博覽會
http://www.usqiaobao.com  2009-07-31 05:47:38   作者: 來源: 僑報

  【僑報記者吳健7月30日洛杉磯報道】經濟不景气失業率頻頻上升,也沖擊到圣谷的華人。核桃市將于7月31日下午2點至5點在老人中心舉行“就業博覽會”(Job Fair),可謂及時雨。


  核桃市長蘇王秀蘭表示,“就業博覽會”是貼切社區需要,所以,2個月前開始由市政經理團隊、多位義工及兩位實習生,聯繫超過6百多家各行各業、大小企 業行號,邀請參加當天活動。許多公司反映并無缺人,還准備下波裁員;經努力奔走,終于,有60多家公司行號首肯有職缺徵求人才。

  蘇王秀蘭指出,市府提出免費平台,公司行號設攤完全無需付費,民眾應徵也全程免費。設攤行號許多不乏是大企業,涵蓋層面廣,像是Wal-Mart、Ralph’ s Supermarket、STC Management、CGM Development、AT& T、V-Trent USA Corp、Apple One等等,其中還有全新公司Smart Plastic需才孔急,以及像是太陽能高科技等產業也都有參加,華人大型超市大華加入;最特殊的是美國陸、海、空三軍也都提供优厚福利,鼓勵年輕人從軍報國。警察行政人員也有缺額,期間并設有專業攤位,協助如何面試輔導。

  蘇王秀蘭与市議員瑞葛慈(Nancy Tragarz)呼吁大家廣為宣傳此一難得机會,由于不限核市居民,只要有需要,任何城市居民皆歡迎;該活動提供就業与打工机會甚多,所以申請者,必需准 備多份履歷表,并詳填入聯繫資訊,以利即刻申請職位,及公司徵才結果通知。若有任何問題需要詢問,歡迎致電市政府909-595-7543。