Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Los Angeles Assessor Corruption Probe Widens to Business Sector

洛縣估值官圖利擴大偵辦 華商受波及

洛杉磯縣估值官諾古茲(John Noguez)涉嫌受賄圖利案情持續擴大,洛縣檢察官辦公室深入追查的目標增加,洛縣檢察長庫利(Steve Cooley)正尋求大陪審團提出起訴。華裔資產管理專家表示,一旦諾古茲被起訴,物業業主將成下一波追查對象。 
經 過數月調察後,庫利終於打破沉默,證實偵察範圍擴大,同時指責洛縣估值官辦公室的工會代表妨礙調查,曾要求縣府員工未經諾古茲方面許可,不得擅自協助檢方 查案。庫利出示縣府內流通的備忘錄說,他們告訴可能列入證人的員工,除非獲得第一號調查對象(No.1 Target)允許,不可接受問話。他指出,無論是誰散發備忘錄,將是第一位被傳喚出庭的證人。 
一些曾尋求資產顧問做重新估值(assessment appeal)的業主,恐成被追稅、罰款目標。勤業眾信財務顧問公司的資深顧問簡志誠、STC資產顧問的執行長許惠欽均表示,檢調單位一旦起訴諾古茲,就會就關連的物業重新清查。 
他 舉例2007年房地產興旺時,假設成交價為100萬,到2012年市值可能跌40﹪,僅剩60萬。但業主仍得以100萬成交價繳納稅金,除非向洛縣政府申 請重新估價程序,提出各項佐證,包括收租狀況差、整體市場不好等改變物業價值。因此,估值官的決定往往具關鍵性,金額動輒數萬甚至數十萬元。 
長期關注此案的許惠欽說,若諾古茲被起訴,檢方一定會去追查哪些物業涉案。聖塔蒙尼卡(Santa Monica)、新港灘(Newport Beach)均有不少華人業主,可能在不知情下被牽連,建議近期內找其他資產管理業者做二次諮詢。 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Los Angeles County Assessor Targeted in Corruption Probe 洛縣估值官涉嫌受賄, 洛縣房地產市場可能將受影響

Prosecutors are looking at more than 100 properties to see if their assessed values were improperly reduced after Los Angeles County assessor John Noguez was elected.

本報記者陳美伶洛杉磯報道:洛杉磯縣估值官諾古茲(John Noguez)因可能涉嫌受賄,其住家、辦公室共 11 處地點 25 日同步遭警方派員搜索,連帶向洛縣房地產市場投下一顆威力未知的「震撼彈」。洛杉磯華裔房地產業者 25 日表示,諾古茲可能涉嫌受賄案「可大可小」,一般預測對房地產買賣市場影響不大,但房地產「資料庫」公信力將備受質疑,未來屋主申請降稅的審核恐將趨嚴,全面影響程度仍未知。

STC 資產管理投資部負責人鄔姍珊指出,洛縣估值官涉嫌受賄案對買賣市場影響不大,但因經濟不景氣,洛縣近 2、3 年來申請降稅值(property tax appeal)的件數大增,未來民眾針對房產稅申訴時,恐遭當局從嚴審理。

鄔姍珊說,如諾古茲因此下台,其繼任者可能重新審視洛縣所有物件的市值,地稅值也可能因此攀升,可影響投資者的回報率,比如原市價 200 萬元的商業地產在諾古茲任內被「低估」成 100 萬元,再回升成 200 萬元時,投資者的回報率自會連帶受損。

John Hsu As Member of Regional Chamber of Commerce - San Gabriel Valley Board of Directors

John Hsu has been nominated and unanimously accepted for appointment as a member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce - San Gabriel Valley Board of Directors.

Monday, May 14, 2012

True Community Leaders Made an Incredible Difference for the Parents and Students of Rowland Heights

A story about how Mr. Cary Chen, Vice President of Board of Education at Rowland Unified School District and Mr. John Hsu, President of Rowland Heights Chinese Association and CEO of STC Management reached out to help a decades old dilemma for many Rowland Heights residents.

One Chu

It all started in October of 2011, when I decided enough is enough.  I am referring to having enough nightmares of the awful daily traffic jam at Alvarado Intermediate School on Desire Avenue during the morning rush hour and afternoon dismissal hour. 

I started asking around, and all I got was something like this: “Oh, the problem has been notorious amongst students and parents of Alvarado for decades, but nobody could do anything about it.”  As a parent of a student of Alvarado, I have been tolerating this dreadful situation for nearly two years.  I suddenly realized I must do something about it, or the problem will not simply disappear on its own.

After conducting careful studies and on-site evaluations, I came to a conclusion that by simply enforcing a parking restriction from 7:30 AM ~ 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM ~ 3:30 PM along 2 commercial plazas on Desire Ave will bring an extremely effective aid to ease the horrible traffic jam during morning and afternoon rush hours.  By imposing non-parking zone in the said curbside area, vehicles making right turns (East bound on Colima Road) after dropping off and picking up students will not be blocked by vehicles parked by the curbside of plazas, and will be able to flow smoothly and ease the traffic load on Desire Avenue making left (West) turn onto Colima Road.

Once the remedy of the problem is identified, I approached Mr. Dickie Simmons, the Field Deputy of Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe’s office.  Dickie kindly and aggressively hooked me up with Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Works, but the result of DPW’s field study was not encouraging.  The whole section of Desire Avenue south of Colima Road is private; therefore, it is out of DPW’s hands. 

Desperate, but not out of hope; I reached out to Mr. Cary Chen in February 2012 through Rowland Heights Chinese Association.  Coincidentally, Rowland Heights Chinese Association had just elected Mr. John Hsu, a well-known local business leader, philanthropist, and the CEO of STC Management as the President of the association.  I suddenly remembered the 2 commercial shopping plazas are managed by STC Management.  And I have actually provided services to STC Management as a waste and recycling consultant back in 2008.  Cary and I immediately approached John and explained everything in details.  Without hesitation, John was first shocked by the problem that parents and students of Alvarado have been going through daily for decades, and then John instantaneously agreed to help with all his resources.  John and Cary continued to work with Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, and on May 2, 2012, the No Parking signs were installed.  I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of parents and students when they drive by Desire Avenue nowadays. 

I remember Mr. John Hsu once stated in a Rowland Heights Chinese Association meeting that his goal as the leader of the association is to establish the association as a role model for our community in order to unite people of the community and help people of the community to eventually create a harmonious community with prosperity to further our higher goals of a best quality of education, business environment, and every resident’s daily life.   Well, my views, John and Cary are already true leaders and role models in the community of Rowland Heights.  All we residents need to do is simply stand by our leaders to reach the goals of bettering our community. 

Finally, I am really glad that I am able to share my story with residents of Rowland Heights.  And I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to join us at Rowland Heights Chinese Association for the goal of taking care of each other.