Thursday, October 25, 2012

Awards 2012 Buckboard Parade

Awards 2012 Buckboard Parade
Band Category
High School 1st Place  – Rowland High School
Middle School 1st Place – Giano intermediate school
Elementary School 1st Place – RUSD Elementary intermediate band

Commercial Category
1st Place -  The skate connect
2nd Place -  Educational Tiny Tot Train
3rd Place  - A+ Plumbing

Float / Theme Category
1st Place - STC Management/STC Center
2nd Place  - Miss Taiwan World

Costume Category
1st Place -  Plum Crazy Ladies of Rowland Heights
2nd Place - Bassett Park Bobcats
3rd Place – Joy of learning Academy

Antique Automobile Category
1st Place -  Puente Hills Hyundai & Queen Plum Crazy Lady
2nd Place -  Bell Memorial Church
3rdPlace -  Theo Seely 1929 Flatbed Truck

Equestrian Category
1st Place  -  Wells Fargo Stage Coach
 2nd Place  - Hermanos Banuelos Charro Team

Rowland Heights Buckboard Days Parade, October 20, 2012  
"A Diverse Community United in Service"

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STC Center Won 1st Place Again! STC順天聯合參加第40屆羅蘭崗花車遊行又得第一名!

Again, STC Center won the first place on Rowland Heights Buckboard Days Parade!

Formed by STC Management, Dance Impressions Productions, and Institute of Chinese Martial Arts, STC Center presented the variety of chinese culture trough chinese dances, martial arts, Techno Third Princes, lion dances, and, of course, our 25ft tall STC Boy in a red bib made by ourselves, perfectly reflecting the theme, "Diverse Community United in Service".

Special thanks to those who have put great efforts into this parade, including Philip Entertainment Production who provided audio system support, CIMA Picture who recorded our whole event, and all STC family members. Hope everyone has enjoyed the parade!

本屆羅蘭崗花車遊行上,STC以“STC順天聯合(STC Center)“的身份組成隊伍。STC順天聯合目前融合了STC資產管理(STC Management) 、舞印舞蹈中心暨舞印製作(DIP)以及中華武術學院(ICMA)三個團體。我們的隊伍試圖向社區展示中國的多元文化,以呼應本次“多種族融合互助的社區”的遊行主題。

我們的隊伍中有身著各類中國民族舞蹈服裝的舞者表演舞蹈,有舞獅、九節鞭、太極等中華武術的展示,有STC成員身著從台灣請來的電音三太子行頭跳舞,更有去年遊行就備受矚目的兩層樓高的充氣STC Boy。為了體現中國文化,我們還親手為STC Boy縫製了有”福“字的肚兜。我們的花車上有親手折的彩色花朵,也有展現社區多元性的各族裔居民的圖片。所有參加遊行的STC成員都換上了體現他們各自文化背景的服裝,跟著音樂載歌載舞。


STC順天聯合要感謝所有為我們這次遊行成功付出心力的團體和個人。感謝Philip Entertainment Production 匯豐音效製作提供音響設備支持。感謝Cima司馬文化全程進行影像記錄。更要感謝所有STC大家庭成員的付出,相信大家也收穫了很多歡樂!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rowland Heights Buckboard Days Parade Press Conference at STC Center 羅蘭崗花車遊行記者會在STC Center

On Oct 16, 2012, Rowland Heights Buckboard Days Parade Committee held a press conference at STC Center. Many local media came to report the event happening on this Saturday.
At the press conference, the parade committee introduced the highlights of this year's event. As the president of Rowland Heights Chinese Association, our officer, John Hsu, also introduced the exciting performances that RHCA and STC will present.

Besides the RHCA and RHCCC, the joint organizers of the Buckboard Days parade, many community groups attended thepress conference to support. They are: Rowland Unified School District, Pathfinder Seniors, Fundation For Disabled Youth, Hacienda Heights Kiwanis, YMCA, San Gabriel Valley Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Asian Museum, Mt. San Antonio College, Tai Chi Group, and Half the Sky, many of whom will participant in the parade.

10月16日,羅蘭崗花車遊行籌委會在STC Center舉辦了記者會。許多本地媒體到場報導本週六即將呈獻的盛大活動。
除聯合籌辦的羅蘭崗華協和羅蘭崗社區協調委員會以外,許多社區團體也來到記者會現場支持。他們是:羅蘭聯合學區、Pathfinder老年之家、天使之家、哈崗同濟會、YMCA、聖蓋博谷區域商會、亞太博物館、Mt. San Antonio大學、太極團體以及Half the Sky。他們中許多都將加入遊行的行列。

STC Center at 10/10 Flag Retreat Ceremony STC 順天聯合參加雙十升旗典禮

On Oct 7, 2012, STC Center participated in the 10/10 Flag Retreat Ceremony in Monterey Park. STC brought the Third Princes on stage with dancers from Dance Impressions Productions, sending bless and good luck to the audience. There were young students from Institute of Chinese Martial Arts performing Lion Dance in our parade Entry.