2008 Real Estate Brokerage Summit_Taipei

Shaping the Future-Gloabal Vision

As the trend of globalization increases, real estate elites such as yourself, have probably been experiencing increased influential power from the global economy. Among them, the developments of Greater China area are most surprising, and highly regarded among various countries. In numerous industries, the most explosive force and influential power of industry are not greater than the force of the real estate market, which can equal any industry. As the developments are in line with the expected Cross-Straits relations of 2008, international money is continuously pouring into the Greater China area and is creating sparks in the Greater China area market as a result of the advanced information strength of Taiwan. The effect produced from this must continue to affect the real estate market.

According to the second business environment report for 2007 by the US-based business research group Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI), Taiwan has maintained its sixth ranking worldwide for its business environment, behind only Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, Japan, and Norway. Taiwan received a Profit Opportunity Recommendation (POR) Score of 72 points, and a 1A rating. The scores indicate that Taiwan is a low-risk, suitable country for investment.

In view of this, Taipei Association of Real Estate Brokers is to hold the 2008 Real Estate Brokerage Summit; its goal is to promote our industry through knowledge information exchange, interaction of regional dynamic business, and mutual interflow. This conference will assemble elites of the global real estate industry; the main goal is to honor the industry worldwide, global top professionals of real estate will share with you and all participants how they have achieved the winning success of their career. In addition, unsurpassed speeches will be arranged for the exchange of latest developments in the global real estate industry, exciting panel discussions are also planned for in-depth researches during conference period. After the Summit, you will have brilliant opportunities to visit remarkable showcases of Taiwan real estate and Taiwan cultural landmarks. Yes! Your participation to our Summit will be much welcome and hope this will mark your trip a wonderful journey in Taiwan.

-- excerpts from Organizing Committee welcoming letter

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