STC Presentation at HSBC Appreciation Dinner

HSBC Premier Appreciation Dinner
Thursday, June 18, 2009 6:30 PM

San Gabriel Hilton Hotel
225 W. Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776

HSBC has invited special speaker John Hsu, STC Management, to speak for at the HSBC Premier Appreciation Dinner Event. By RSVP only, HSBC presented the night with informative topic "How to achieve wealth through Commercial Properties", and last but not least, a wonderful dinner, speaking by John Hsu and Dalerie Wu.

The guests had a lot of questions for the speakers, and whomever asked the questions got a bottle of delicious red wine from STC.

Some of the quesitons asked were:

Q: "I have a piece of land perfect for retail, but is right now a good time to develop the land?"

John: " To answer that question responsibly, we'll have to consider several factors. First we'll have to access the consumer expenditure of the local demographics. An either pre-existing or developable need for a shopping center is required from the local residents. Also, we would need to consider the length of time to bring this project into fruition. With our economy being so volatile, we have to factor in the length of process to ensure all data collected will be applicable upon the project's completion"

Q: "What is the situation with warehouses in city such as El Monte or City of Industry,?"

John: " You will not be surprised to know that the property value is dropping in these places. From what I've heard, I've even known places had 50 % rent rate drops, which effect the property value a great deal. With proper study, we can tell you the location and the property that will be a good investment if you are interested to go into the market. "

STC Management want to extend appreciation to HSBC for their invitation for this wonderful opportunity to present to their clients what STC Management do best: Create Wealth through Commercial Properties.