Team building at Kerns

It's our annual trip again!

This year we are taking our teams to a more challenge activity:
White water rafting at Kern river !

The water is cool and weather is hot! Kern River is baked in over one hundred degrees heat for the three days we spent over there.

We rode on the tails of the rafting season. But everyone still had plenty of fun.

We performed beautifully on the river. Everyone put in his or her effort propel the raft to go forward. And everyone HAS to work together to ride through the more difficult rapids, just as in all difficult situations. It is on the back of our minds that, for those whom would worked hard and smart, and in collaboration, will sure come up ahead from this difficult time we are all experiencing right now.

It was a Fun! Fun! Fun! experience!

It was our goal and sincerest wish that this trip had brought everyone a little closer together. After this trip, we are all forged to confront whatever challenges we will face ahead!