STC Vendor Mixer | STC資產管理的Vendor聚會



STC資產管理將與更專業Vendor有機會成為達成合作關係。一起我們將建立一個更加精簡和高效的Vendor聯絡網。我們相信高質量的維修和降低運營成本將使owner和 Tenant受益無限。


如果你想有興趣成為STC資產管理合作夥伴,請聯繫我們 STC資產管理公司 (562)695-1513

STC Management’s first Vendor Appreciation Party turned out to be a great success, as vendors of all specialties showed up to meet the STC team and learn about how the company is reforming its operations in adherence to Accredited Management Organization (AMO) guidelines.

STC Management’s new vendor policies will provide companies with the opportunity to become STC Management Qualified Vendors, helping STC Management to build a more streamlined and efficient network of vendors. This will help improve value for owners as well as tenants as the properties collectively benefit from higher quality maintenance and lower operating costs. Together, STC Management and its trusted vendors hope to continue to develop their mutual long-term partnerships and provide value for all parties.

If you would like the opportunity to become involved with STC Management’s Qualified Vendor program, please contact us at STC Management (562) 695-1513