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AIR 美國工業地產協會解講座


Friday, April 30, 2010

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A Complete Review of AIR’s Commercial Real Estate Contract Forms by a Leading Real Estate Professional & an Attorney

Richard L. Riemer, Esq. John Pagliassotti
AIR Forms Counsel PRER

Santa Ana, CA
“This course does not constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions which are expressed by the course sponsors, instructors, authors or lecturers.”


3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, CA 90503

Hotel Direct: (310) 316-3636

7:30 A.M. Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Program
Registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, materials
(Sample Kit of all forms) and self-parking.

MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) Credit:

The State of California has approved this course for 7 total credit hours
of minimum continuing legal education.

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Full refund will be issued for cancellations made in writing on or before
April 20, 2010. Equal substitutions are welcome. All refunds are made by
Association check or credited through your credit card account.

OR MAIL TO AIR, 800 W. 6TH STREET, SUITE 800, LOS ANGELES, CA 90017 PHONE: (213) 687-8777

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關於: AIR 美國工業地產協會 Founded by visionary industry leaders in 1960 during a period of rapid commercial real estate growth, the American Industrial Real Estate Association is the nation’s largest and most respected organization of industrial and commercial real estate brokers. Comprised of brokers from over 400 firms, the organization is unique in that it is a non-profit organization of brokers for brokers, with the primary goal of promoting the success of its members through optimum service and credibility. Since its founding, it has been the goal of this highly respected brokerage community leaders to bring stability to a fast-growing profession and, perhaps even more importantly, to raise professional standards, ethics, cooperation, and continuing education among its practitioners. In an effort to expand its outreach to the broadest range of the brokerage community, the Association is now doing business as AIR Commercial Real Estate Association in order to incorporate the office and retail sectors of the industry. Stability has also been achieved through the establishment of Rules of Professional Conduct for commercial brokers, which ensure fair play in transactions, and further complemented by Standard Sale and Lease Contracts and the Standard Owner/Agency Agreement, which has been tailored to solidify brokers’ status in transactions. In order to become a member, one must, in addition to already having obtained a broker’s license, attend an orientation and complete an additional exam. Furthermore, the candidate must also receive approval from the board of directors as well as provide two letters of recommendation from each of the following groups: existing AIR members, industry peers, and clients. Over time, the AIR has become an icon of respect and integrity – a family of real estate professionals united in the face of a dynamically changing industry. The Association envisions a future distinguished by continuing growth, increased membership, and ongoing geographic outreach.

AIR 美國工業地產協會AIR®創立於1960年。自始已來,美國工業地產協會AIR®已成為 全美最大和最受尊崇的工業和商業房地產經紀人的組織。這絕不是偶然。該協會的一 向目標是來自於以提高專業水平,職業道德,合作,房地產界從業人員的後續教育, 來確保業界最佳的信譽和服務。措施包括嚴謹執行商業經紀人的專業操守規則(Rules of Professional Conduct),以確保公平交易,再加上使用標準的銷售和租賃的合同,尤其 是針對房地產經紀人,要求使用標準的所有者/代理協議合同(Standard Owner/Agency Agreement),來鞏固和確認公正交易。今天,美國工業地產協會AIR®已包括了1700多 個經紀人在400公司。值得注意的是,它的成員佔了在洛杉磯五縣大都市區百分之九十 五的所有經紀人。這是全國最大的工業和商業房地產經紀人的組織。自成立以來,它一直是令人崇敬的目標經紀社區領袖,以實現穩定快速增長的行業,或許更重要的是,以提高專業水平,職業道德,合作,繼續教育的練習者。為了擴大其推廣到最廣泛的證券經紀,該協會正在從事商務活動AIR®商業房地產協會,以便納入辦公室和零售行業的產業。穩定性方面也取得了通過建立職業行為規則的商業經紀人,而確保公平交易,並進一步補充標準銷售及租賃合同和標準業主 /代理協議,已針對鞏固經紀人的地位在交易。為了成為會員,必須,除了已經在取得經紀人執照,參加完成一個額外的方向和考試。此外,候選人還必須得到批准,從董事會董事,以及提供兩封推薦信從以下各組:現有的AIR®成員,業內同行和客戶。隨著時間的推移,AIR®的圖標變成一個尊重和完整性 - 一個家庭的房地產專業人士團結一致,面對一個動態變化的產業。該協會設想未來傑出的持續增長,成員增加,和正在進行的地理範圍。

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