Friday, August 13, 2010

Concouse Free Health Screening 061910

Free Health Screening at Concourse
2010 康和全民免費義診 六月十九日完美結束

關心您的家人 關心您的健康

康和醫護大樓與 STC 資產管理為了回餽社區,在這裡辦義診已有兩年的歷史。今年為了響應父親節,辦得正是第三年的義診。



感謝所有為大家做義診的醫師與專業人 士

我們有康和醫護 大樓內的醫生群和服務群:
105室: 加福醫學診斷中心 - 64切冠狀動脈指數可以拯救您的生命
168 室: 徐元亨眼科醫學博士 Dr. Adam Hsu - 青光眼篩查
218室: 中心健康保險 - 提供Medical 完整資訊
295室: 聯合門診醫療中心 - 提供全面醫療服務
298室: 皇家纖體美容 - 為您諦造美麗人生

彭子駿醫學博士, Dr. Arnold Pang, 現任惠堤爾醫院, 及加聯醫療網主治醫生. 專精家庭科,兒科, 成人科等.
俊達生技 Good Arch 的腳的眼鏡, 由下而上矯正您的骨架, 恢復您的健康能量, 找回自信的彩色人生.
夏月輝中醫師, 純精油自然療法


如希望知道未來更多的活動訊息。請聯絡 Amy

Martial Arts at STC Center

應"四季廣場"武術教練高家旺老師邀請,師兄趙慶建(世界武術冠軍,奧運武術首金獲得者)來STC CENTER | 東區第一會館 "四季廣場"授課三天。 7/27, 7/28/, 7/29

Invited by martial arts master Kao, Zhao Qing Jian, the world renown World Martial Arts champion and Olympic gold winner, performed demostration at STC Center at Seasons Place, starting from July 27 to July 29, from 3PM to 5PM.

高家旺老師將在STC CENTER 開班

STC CENTER 東區第一會館 | 四季廣場 Seasons Place
18558 E. Gale Ave., City of Industry, CA 91748.

或請電 (626) 363-5240 查詢

Luncheon with Asian Business Association

On July 2010, John Hsu (Officer) and Dalerie Wu (Investment Manager) attended an exclusive Lunch Briefing with Banking Industry Executives at the Los Angeles City Club at Bunker Hill. This event was organized by the Asian Business Association.

During the event, banking industry leaders and select members from the Asian business community strategized on how to work together in this changing economic environment. Banking executives presented their view of the economy and the various programs that could help businesses survive and thrive. Attendees also had time to get to know each other and make connections with leaders in various fields of business.

The Asian Business Association was founded in 1976 to proactively help Asian Americans gain access to economic opportunities and advancement. Through the efforts of the organization, the ABA works towards bringing together divergent groups spanning the Asian business community on issues which mutually affect their business interests.

Asian Business Association Website:



東森新人王活動今天最後一場試唱會及模特兒徵選會於 July 24, 2010 四季廣場圓滿的結束了。比賽當天為了把握最後機會得選手到現場報名把場地擠的水洩不通, 而因為參賽者數量暴增再加上比賽水平的提高,評審們也比過去幾場試唱會都還嚴厲,最後在計分時花了很多的時間商討後終於產生了十名選手晉級進入初賽。

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8/13/2010 (Fri) Preliminary Round
9/3/2010 (Fri) Semi-Final Round
9/25/2010 (Sat) Final Round
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

STC Annual Company Trip

Under the glory July sun, STC associates, along with our friends and family depart towards San Jose, for our three day annual company trip. We've traveled by the only way possible for our large group..... by bus!! Our first stop was wine tasting and a tour at Eberle Winery. (Eberle, which is German, when translated to English, means "small boar".) 17 miles at Monterey the next day, led us to the biggest ((*O*)) squirrel we've ever saw. The cutest little fella we've ever seen too.. (please click on the picture on the left to see the photo album). Winchester Mystery House was not as scary as we've imagined, especially in a 80 degrees weather. However, I have to admit, someone in our group, whom shall remain nameless, did felt something.... :). Mt Olive Organic Farm was a great side trip for the long trip. A very healthy none the less. In the evening, we did some very worthwhile team building exercise. I think we did more laugh then actual exercise!

But just as all good things, it must come to an end. Our last and not least stop was Solvang. A little quaint Danish town that will definitely leave an impression.

All in all, it was a great trip. A little excursion from our daily heavy workload, definitely have brought our STC family closer together.