STC Annual Company Trip

Under the glory July sun, STC associates, along with our friends and family depart towards San Jose, for our three day annual company trip. We've traveled by the only way possible for our large group..... by bus!! Our first stop was wine tasting and a tour at Eberle Winery. (Eberle, which is German, when translated to English, means "small boar".) 17 miles at Monterey the next day, led us to the biggest ((*O*)) squirrel we've ever saw. The cutest little fella we've ever seen too.. (please click on the picture on the left to see the photo album). Winchester Mystery House was not as scary as we've imagined, especially in a 80 degrees weather. However, I have to admit, someone in our group, whom shall remain nameless, did felt something.... :). Mt Olive Organic Farm was a great side trip for the long trip. A very healthy none the less. In the evening, we did some very worthwhile team building exercise. I think we did more laugh then actual exercise!

But just as all good things, it must come to an end. Our last and not least stop was Solvang. A little quaint Danish town that will definitely leave an impression.

All in all, it was a great trip. A little excursion from our daily heavy workload, definitely have brought our STC family closer together.