Tuesday, November 25, 2008

STC Management's New Assignment!
A beautiful office building has just been added to STC's portfolio
2100 Saturn St.,
Monterey Park, CA 91754

New state of the art office building in prestigious business park located off the 60 freeway. High image office building featuring floor to ceiling windows, architectural detail, quality materials and ample gated parking. Easy access and visibility perfect for professionals searching for a prime location that reflects the quality of the business. The two available suites can be expanded to a total of 2,207 sq.ft. to meet your business needs.
For Leasing & Mgmt Information, Please Call (562)695-1513

Curt Hagman Reception 10/15/08 Appreciation Letter

Curt Hagman's appreciation letter

Curt Hagman

November 5, 2008

Mr. John Hsu STC Management

10722 Beverly Blvd.,Ste. P Whittier, CA 90601

Dear John:

Thank you so much for all your help and support of me as your Mayor of Chino Hills. It was great to have you be a part of the reception at the McCoy center on Oct. 15th. Everyone got to hear some fun stories about me from my colleagues before I head off to the Assembly. Even Assemblyman Mike Duvall got his two cents in.

In all seriousness, though, I am grateful to have partnered with you as a Chino Hills Council Member over the years and I am excited to represent you soon in Sacramento. Grace and I look forward to talking with you soon.


3233 Grand Avenue, N265,
Chino Hills, California 91709
(909) 606-0788 .,
Fax (909) 606-0213

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Addition that's coming to Yes Plaza

What is this?

It's new! It's exciting!
It's going to happen in Yes Plaza!

Wait for it!!

Shopping malls are running on empty

Article from LA Times

Shopping center owners are struggling to fill an increasing number of vacancies.
By Roger Vincent and David Pierson
November 24, 2008
Life Plaza Center in San Gabriel used to teem with diners heading to Green Village, a Chinese restaurant in the middle of the horseshoe-shaped mall on Valley Boulevard.

But after the eatery closed five months ago, the 7,500- square-foot space remained vacant. With no tenants stepping forward and fewer customers clogging the parking lot, the plaza is quiet, with a curiously dark core.

It's a scene repeated in various forms throughout the region, as the economic crash that started rolling through single-family housing more than a year ago begins to hit shopping centers, turning what had been a residential phenomenon into one that threatens commercial real estate as well.

Business is so bad that an increasing number of retailers are calling it quits -- without waiting to see whether money can be made as the Christmas season gets underway.

The department-store chain Mervyns closed in October -- at about the same time Linens 'n Things Inc. and Shoe Pavilion Inc. launched going-out-of-business sales. This month, Circuit City Stores Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection just days after announcing it would close 155 underperforming electronics stores and seek lower rents at others.

For property owners, the loss of tenants means more than a reduction in the revenue that is collected from rents. If one store closes, customers are less attracted to the center overall, and the losses can snowball. Whereas in previous years it was easy to find new tenants, now they are scarce. And as the property owners find themselves getting in trouble, their typical recourses -- to sell the building or refinance it -- are also stymied by the stuck economy.

At Life Plaza Center, the lack of interest from potential new tenants has surprised the plaza's management. Located between Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard, the mall is situated in the heart of a long-thriving ethnic Chinese community. Potential tenants used to abound.

"We were charging $2.75 a square foot, but if we can get $1.75 for it, we'd be very lucky now," said Art Ko, a leasing agent for STC Management. "It's hard to even grasp what's a fair market price now. Everything is up in the air. We've had many deals where people just walked away the last minute. It's a buyer's market."

Ko's company manages dozens of properties in Los Angeles and Orange counties. In recent months, they've experienced a rise in delinquent renters. One plaza in Rowland Heights has been hampered by a closure, an upcoming eviction and a business for sale.

"It was at 100% occupancy just half a year ago," Ko said.

A bad situation threatens to get worse after the holidays.

Christmas is always a key driver of merchants' financial success, but this year it could mean life and death for many stores, analysts say.

Struggling businesses typically hang on through the holiday and then evaluate their financial position, said Malachy Kavanagh, a spokesman for the International Council of Shopping Centers, an industry trade group.

In most economically slow years, large retailers can cover for a Christmas shortfall with loans from their longtime lenders. But the credit crunch is keeping bankers on the sidelines, and even big players are having trouble getting the financial help they need.

If Christmas doesn't deliver the usual windfall for merchants, the pressure on landlords to rewrite lease agreements and reduce rents in 2009 could become intense, said Stan Ross, chairman of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate. That could put some shopping center owners in jeopardy with their lenders, especially if they can't find replacement tenants for those that leave.

"The worst thing for a retail center is to have a lot of dark stores," said Ross, because it makes the center a depressing place to shop and can speed its demise. Fewer customers visit and more stores turn out the lights. "There is a domino effect," he said.

Far from lining up to grab available retail spots at any price, merchants from big chains to small mom-and-pops are asking for reduced rents and threatening to go out of business or move to cheaper digs if their landlords don't acquiesce.

That's a turnaround from three years ago, when department store mergers opened up large blocks of space but didn't cause much panic with mall managers, which easily replaced them with other tenants.

Now, however, leasing at many local malls is already grinding to a near-standstill, said Mike Jensen, a broker with Pacific Retail Partners in Long Beach. That's especially true in communities that had experienced the most extreme highs and lows in the housing market. At a mall in Moreno Valley, for example, PetSmart and Staples signed leases to move in but bailed out before doing so.

Macerich Co., a national shopping center chain that until recently had 43 Mervyns stores as tenants, is scrambling to find replacements.

The Santa Monica-based company is also fielding requests from tenants that want lower rents.

Randy Brant, Macerich's head of real estate, said that the chain knew Mervyns was in trouble when it agreed to buy the properties late last year because Macerich wanted the real estate, but it figured that new tenants would be easily found.

But in today's market, replacing 43 large stores promises to be challenging. With fewer big retailers out looking for space, Brant said Macerich might try splitting the buildings up and leasing the large former Mervyns stores to several tenants instead of just one.

Big mall chains such as Macerich and Westfield usually have the resources to endure economic downturns better than small local shopping center owners, industry observers say, but being big isn't always enough.

General Growth Properties Inc., owner of the Glendale Galleria and more than 200 other malls, has seen the value of its stock decline about 90% in the last three months and said this month that it might default on billions of dollars' worth of debt it took on in an acquisition spree.

And why not go on a spree? In those days, consumers were buying and retailers were willing to pay almost anything to rent a choice space. "We'd have one space and three tenants who wanted it," said Jensen of Pacific Retail Partners.

As the economy slowed, however, some landlords miscalculated, raising rents above what their tenants could pay.

Two and a half years ago, Connie and Micheal Edwards opened a small gymnasium for children in a Studio City shopping center.

The mall was sold and the new owners made improvements and then raised rents about 20%. The Edwardses were already struggling, and the rent increase put the business in the red. "We had invested almost everything we had into it and it was bleeding freely," Micheal Edwards said.

He asked the landlord for a rent reduction, hoping he could bring the gym to profitability. The landlord balked and the gym closed. More than a year later, the ground floor space remains empty -- its glass storefront covered by white paper and a Lease sign.

"This building has a lot of vacancies," said Amy Kriegel, owner of a dance studio for children on the second floor of the shopping center. "It makes me think I should get a break in rent."

Dodging children rushing through the door of her business, Creation Station, she said she hoped she had enough loyal clients to combat a lull in visitors to the plaza.

"I think it's the economy," Kriegel said.

Vincent and Pierson are Times staff writers.



Lee's Sandwich Opened on Saturday November 22, 2008

The long awaited Lee's Sandwich Grand Opening is finally here!!
Yes Plaza
18194 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748.
Resident of Rowland Heights, if you like the smell of coffee in the morning, now you have a perfect place for you to go!! Lee's Sandwich is opening it's doors to service breakfast from 8am in the morning!!! Hooray!!

All the Major Chinese TV were there!! ETTV, Skylink, IVAC

Lee's Sandwich's got full support of the STC Management(Yes Plaza), surrounding cities (Mary Su, Vice Mayor of Walnut), the Lee's Sandwich Corporation (Chieu Le, President/CEO) and the Rowland Heights (Szu-Pei, Director of Rowland Water district), Chinese Media (Maggie, Skylink Anchor)

Maggie Lee from Skylink TV was there to do a thorough interview

Major Chinese TV Channel were all there!! ETTV, Skylink, IVAC

ETTV Connie Interviewing Tony Lee, the owner of Lee's Sandwich

ChiChing 採青

Lee's Sandwich's got full support of the STC Management(Yes Plaza), surrounding cities (Mary Su, Vice Mayor of Walnut), the Lee's Sandwich Corporation (Chieu Le, President/CEO) and the Rowland Heights (Szu-Pei, Director of Rowland Water district), Chinese Media (Maggie, Skylink Anchor)

Lee Sandwich-11-22-08 Album

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lee's Sandwich is Opening in Yes Plaza

What Recession?!?!

Yes Plaza is (again) welcoming a new addition…Lee’s Sandwiches!

Despite the grim economic news that is constantly presented before the general public, STC Management charges forward and continues to expand and support the plazas that they manage. This coming weekend, Yes Plaza and STC will be welcoming its newest member to the community. This would be the first expansion to the Rowland Heights area for the popular sandwich franchise. On November 22 (Saturday), they will be holding their grand opening - providing sandwich samples for all those who wish to attend. The sampling will begin at 8am and the event will last until 12 noon. In between, attendees can enjoy the festivities with city representatives and dragon dance performances.

Lee Sandwiches is a Vietnamese franchise that has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. This European inspired bakery attracts a diverse crowd from traditional Vietnamese-Americans to a younger crowd that is wowed by the full-color bilingual menu signs. The extensive menu caters to a wide audience from traditional Asian inspired sandwiches to delectable butter croissant sandwiches and pastries. The visit would not be complete without an ice cold coffee drink – the unique rich flavor compliments the fresh baked bread and desserts!

Located in the heart of Rowland Heights, Yes Plaza is a neighborhood hot spot with the perfect collection of retail and dining. With the addition of Lee’s Sandwich, the plaza will only become more popular! Yes Plaza is located 18194 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748.

Yes Plaza又有新商家入駐
Lee’s Sandwiches週六盛大開幕
(記者黃思齊報導) STC 在景氣一片低糜的情況下, 還是努力不懈的為商場注入新生命, 所以住在羅蘭崗的民眾有福了!享譽盛名的Lee’s Sandwiches即將於十一月二十二日(星期六)早上在Yes Plaza盛大開幕,當日將提供美味的早點三明治供民眾試吃,喜歡嘗鮮的民眾,千萬不要錯過機會。
根據Yes Plaza管理單位STC資產管理公司表示,試吃活動由當天早上八時開始至十二時為止,早上十時有舞龍表演,多位政要將應邀剪綵,熱鬧可期。
Lee’s Sandwiches是一家專賣越南式三明治的速食連鎖店,以平價且口味清新大受歡迎。該店所有餐點都有彩色圖片供參考,而且是英文與越南文並用,所販售之三明治從兩美元起跳,份量不小,口感清新,吃過的人都覺得「物超所值」。
Lee’s Sandwiches的三明治種類很多,外包法國麵包外酥內鬆軟,裡面的料選擇多,包括BBQ雞肉、牛肉、火腿等,加上越南式特製醃製的紅蘿蔔、白蘿蔔、香菜、紅綠辣椒,咬一口,飽腹又爽口。若不喜歡法國麵包的硬,也可選擇較軟的可頌麵包。因為越南曾經是法國屬地,越南咖啡也很特別,味道濃郁,還有肉串、乾河粉捲、香腸炒飯等各種越南小吃,當然不能忘了提到令人吃了還想再吃的越式甜點。
位於羅蘭崗中心地帶的Yes Plaza是一個具備食衣住行多項功能的綜合性商場,現在又進駐這家非常受歡迎的三明治店,相信將能為Yes Plaza帶來更多的人潮。
Yes Plaza的地址位於18194 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, Ca 91748

Thursday, November 20, 2008

RHAC Board Meeting November 19, 2008

5000 signatures! (and counting!!)

RHAC Board Members sat down at this month's board meeting to formulate our next plan of action. With the help of Rowland Heights residents, we can now move on to the next step, let's keep working together for a better tomorrow! It's time to move forward and put the power back into the hands of Rowland Heights Residents!!

Concourse Medical Center Conference Room

F5 Seminar Nov 15/16

Thank you for all those who attended our November 15, 16 Seminar - it was a success!!
We had almost 300 people come over the two days - in fact, we had to add chairs in order to accomodate all those who came.

Many thanks also to our 5 speakers(listed below), without which this event would not have been possible. The combination of their humor and professional knowledge brought the seminar to life!

John Hsu (562) 695-1513
STC Management Team Leader

Eric Chen (626) 810-6163

Kevin Yeh(626) 810-7285

Jonathan Cheng (626) 581-8210

Benson Liao (626) 912-0688
New York Life Insurance

F5 Seminar Nov 15/16

UCC Cafe

UCC Cafe Plaza

Hing Wa Lee Plaza
1569 S. Fairway Drive Suite 126 B&C
Walnut, CA 91789

" Coffee is the source of satisfaction and comfort. It is the medium for togetherness"
the motto for UCC Cafe

If you find yourself awake on a sunny Sunday morning, hungry, and have some time to spare, then this might just be the right place for you. UCC is not your typical Asian restaurant you find in the 626 or 714 area....

This Japanese inspired cafe restaurant has a sleek modern look yet provides a warm environment for your comfort and enjoyment :)

Nice visual presentation to highlight the extensive selection of coffee and entree items.

Attention to detail down to the very utensils - modern clean edges, I like it!

Ladies and gentleman, this is not your average Starbucks...UCC takes it to a whole different level. Coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers alike, will appreciate the made to order individually brewed coffee... yum!

Sausage with Scramble Egg...perfect portion, beautiful presentation...

Delicious Ham & Cheese Omelet! Healthy start for the day!


新政府上台 政策走向值得關注
John許指出,這次大選,除了歐巴馬勝選即將進入白宮之外,民主黨在國會參眾兩院的選舉也都大有斬獲,攫獲了多數席位,換言之,美國即將進入民主黨「完全執政」的階段。民主黨與共和黨在政策上有許多根本上的差異,大致上民主黨比較偏向社會主義,同情弱勢,簡單說就是「劫富濟貧」,因此社會福利方面將會受到比較多的重視。同時,Property Tax、Capital Gain等「富人」的稅賦,將會有上調的可能,值得關注。
John 許同時指出,幾年前房地產景氣「嚇嚇叫」的時候,有一些人購買房地產時採用1030 Exchange條款,然而實際上卻未落實,或是手續並未完整,他提醒這些人,Department of Real Estate明年將會有一波查帳風潮,千萬不要存有僥倖之心,應該處理就要趕快處理,免得被Audit。
年底時分,也是房東應該準備2008年TN (Triple Net)報表之際,房客請不要忘了跟房東索取。John許解釋道,TN是載明房客分攤的公共管理費、設施維修費、電費等公共支出的明細表。房東有義務必須提供給房客,房客再據之推算自己有無多付,多付可以向房東要回來,少付當然要補繳。
John 許對明年的房地產景氣仍然不看好,可是他呼籲有心投資房地產者及早準備,應請專業人士,例如Property Manager或Leasing Broker分析市場,剖析利弊,等到時機來了,即可相中目標一擊中的。
John許將與其他四位專業人士,於11月15日和11月16日(週六 & 週日)下午一點,於工業市的Pacific Palms Resort舉行一個財經講座,如果您對不動產或商業物業投資與管理有興趣者,請及早預約。
太平洋棕櫚大飯店Pacific Palms Resort / One Industry Hills Parkway, City of Industry, CA 91744。想要了解更詳細的情形或報名參加者請洽 (626) 912-0688。

Monday, November 10, 2008

STC Weekend Hiking 110908

November 9, 2008

STC Family Hiking Trip
STC Hiking Trip 110908

2009 Kiwanis Kick Off Meeting

November 8, 2008

Kiwanis, a group started by a bunch of business people, aiming to improve the life of the children in the world.

John Hsu, the team leader of STC Management, is the 2009 President of Kiwanis of Arcadia. His dedication to the community and leadership skills will bring the Kiwanis of Arcadia group into a new era.

His goal is to help the less fortunate children in the community. And wish to hold activities that should and will emphasis on the parent/children relationship.

STC Management Staff is fully supporting John's decision in accepting this nomination. And in action will get involve with this great organization for a better tomorrow!

Kiwanis Kick Off Meeting 11/8/08