Tuesday, May 19, 2009

STC Management Press Conference on May 28, 2009

Dear media friends,

We want to invite you to a press conference announcing the Concourse Medical Center event on

Press Conference Date: May 28, 2009
Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Concourse Medical Center康和醫護大樓
18575 E. Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748
Room #195

In response to the wonderful outcome of last year’s Free Health Screening, STC Management and Concourse Medical Center are returning the support Rowland Heights residents has shown last year.

This year, we are very fortunate have Hsi Lai Temple’s sponsor at the health screening.

From the group of professional medical doctors, at your services attending to your health including check up such as pediatric spinal inspection, foot scanning, UV scanning skin, blood sugar check, glaucoma screening, elder gout screening, pain consultation, osteoporosis screening, and drug advisory.

In addition to free health screening, we have also invited to a Southern California Edison, Whittier Hospital, Metlife, Mt. San Antonio College, Diagnostic Medical Group, Central Health, etc to provide free information seminars. In the economic downturn, we are exploring how does multi-ethnic communities can be united to weather through this economic recession in 2009.

We will have prize drawing for all participators. Prizes includes 32-inch LCD TV, GPS navigation systems, personal portable computers.

We will also be serving free lunch to all participator, on the first come first served bases.

Don’t miss this fun and very informative afternoon. You will sure to benefit from this event!!!


【活動主旨】繼去年五月三十號舉辦的健康快樂營活動後,STC Management 與康和醫護大樓為了響應羅蘭崗華裔社區居民的踴躍支持與愛護,今年非常榮幸的邀請到佛光山西來寺的愛心義工來合辦這次的義診。


除了免費看診服務之外, 我們還隆重邀請南加州愛迪生、惠提爾醫院、加福醫學診斷中心、以及大都會保險來提供免費的資訊講座, 從多方面來探討如何團結我們華裔社區的力量來度過這經濟蕭條的2009 年。

當天我們準備了精美的抽獎獎品包括32 吋 LCD 電視機, GPS 導航系統, 個人手提電腦,等 多項精美禮品. 千萬不要錯過唷!

STC TeamMates of the Month

Thanks you!!! Helen and Ying Ying, from rest of our STC team mates.

Your dedications and hard work are the essential ingredient to the success of our Team!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

改變的力量 全球企業領袖營 Life Academy(圓桌教育基金會)



About Life Academy

During the past century, we humans developed technological skills far beyond our wildest expectations and at the same time advanced bloody warfare in equal measure. It was a dark 20th century of world war and endless religious strife that has continued to the present day.
While we were busy improving the quality of our living standard by creating state of the art technology, the same technological skills were at work creating a world in crisis. In an age looking more and more like a crumbling world, we excelled in the use of our natural resources, but we were failing at using our best resource….ourselves.

“I really treasured the extraordinary experience I had during the four day business leadership training session with Life Academy in Canada. I learned much more about myself and what I really want to achieve in my career and in my life. I was deeply affected by the interactive learning activities with other students and the values and beliefs bestowed upon us by the instructors. The Life Academy helps me regain my strength, my true heart and directs me to become a better leader through self-reflection, self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-improvement. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.”

“我真的非常珍惜我的經驗,在加拿大的為期4天的業務培訓會議的領導與生命科學,讓我學到更多的關於自己和在我的職業生涯與我的生命裏正想達到的目標。互動的學習活動,我們的教員賦予我與其他學生的價值觀念和信仰,對我有著深刻的影響。通過自我反省,自我認識,自我激勵,自我改進,圓桌教育基金會幫助我找回我的強項,釐清我的思想理念,它指示我如何成為一個更好的領導者。我強烈的推薦這門課程給其它所有人。 “

-John Hsu,STC Management

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


為建市再戰 羅蘭崗訓練簽名義工

[ 今天不做 , 明天會後悔 ] , [ 羅蘭崗建市委員會 ] 18日舉辦 [ 簽名義工訓練第一班講習 ] , 超過20多位熱心義工全程參與 , 表達支持獨立建世決心 . 該會主席華裔盧思培 ( Sue-Pei Lu ) 呼籲居民踴躍支持 , 讓羅蘭崗建是早日實現 .
上次簽名請願遭洛杉磯縣建市委員會挑毛病打退回票, 該會重新啟動 第二回合簽名請願活動 , 出席講習的委員華裔 許惠欽 ( John Hsu ) , 胡漢泓 ( Henry Woo ) , 貝拉 ( John Bellah ) 和 劉易士 ( Robert Lewis ) 非但不灰心 , 反而鬥志高昂 , 決心再戰 .
簽名請願活動預定分兩部份進行 , 下週六 ( 25日 ) 上午九時展開第二波簽名活動 . 同時 , 該會新增建市網站 , 網址www.RowlandHeightsCity.org , 歡迎居民上網掌握最薪資訊 .

Monday, May 4, 2009

New DWP Rules and rates will go into effect on June 1

April 23, 2009 L.A. Times

by Alexandra Zavis

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved new water conservation measures that will restrict the use of lawn sprinkler systems to Mondays and Thursday for all Department of Water and Power customers. We asked DWP officials how the new rules will work.

Does this means I can only water my garden on Mondays and Thursdays?
No. Only automatic sprinkler systems are restricted. Hand watering using garden hoses fitted with shut-off nozzle devices is allowed any day but not between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The DWP has found that people who water their lawns by hand tend to be more careful about how much water they use. But when a sprinkler system is left unattended, the lawn is more likely to become over-saturated and the excess water runs off into the drainage system.

Why does everybody have to use their sprinkler systems on the same day?
This makes it easier to enforce.

How will the rules be enforced?
DWP has a water conservation team whose members drive through neighborhoods in Los Angeles checking for water waste. If your sprinkler is running on a Wednesday, they can cite you for violating the conservation measures, you will receive a warning. Subsequent citations are subject to a fine, which starts at $100 but can run up to $600. You can help by notifying investigators of potential violations. Call (800) 342-5397 or e-mail waterconservationteam@ladwp.com.

When do the rules go into effect?
June 1.

Is this the only change?
No, the DWP has announced a new rate structure to encourage conservation. It also goes into effect June 1.

How will the new water rates work?
Under the current system, single-family households are allocated a certain amount of water at the cheapest billing rate. This is known as your Tier 1 allotment and is determined by three measures: lot size, location and number of household members. A premium rate is charged for every additional gallon used in a billing cycle.

Under the new system, the Tier1 allotment will be reduces by 15%. Say you currently get 1,000 gallons; your new Tier 1 allotment will be 850. When your water usage hits 851 gallons in a billing cycles, the premium rates kick in.

If you do not exceed your reduces allocation, the DWP says your bills will actually decrease. But if you have to pay tier 2 rates, you will see your water bills increase dramatically.

So how do I find out my new Tier 1 allotment?
After May1, you can go to the DWP website, enter your customer number and address, and you will be given your Tier 1 allotment.

How do I reduce my water consumption by 15%?
DWP anticipates that most people who cut their outdoor watering to two days a week will realize that 15% savings.

How long will the new rates be in effect?
Shortage-year rates are likely to be in effect for at least one year. During late winter and early spring 2010, the DWP will have a better idea of how this year’s snowpack and rainfall levels will affects the water supply.

Are we likely to see more water restriction?
If everybody abides by the new rules, the DWP does not anticipate any further restrictions. But if conservation goals are not met, the agency could ask the City Council to restrict sprinkler usage to one it altogether.

Friday, May 1, 2009

CREW-LA Celebrating Women at the Top Gala

Women At The Top - Silver Anniversary Gala
Women At The Top - Silver Anniversary Gala

Jun 11, 2009 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, 5th Flr

2009 Honorees:
Ruth Gilliland, Vice President Design & Construction, Corporate Real Estate, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
S. Gail Goldberg, Director of Planning, City of Los Angeles
Carmela Ma, President, CJM & Associates, Inc.
Susan Fowler McNally, Partner, Gilchrist & Rutter PC

Frank Jansen, Senior Vice President, Chicago Title

Click HERE to sign up online;
Early registration discount before May 29th

To become a sponsor and place a Tribute Ad, please contact Judee Heineman at 800-228-4853 x6518. jheineman@ortc.com

CREW is Los Angeles's premier multi-disciplinary commercial real estate organization. With members encompassing all disciplines of commercial real estate, CREW provides its members with informative programs, local and national networking opportunities, and leadership training.

Mission Statement
To provide a professional forum for enhancing business development, industry expertise, networking opportunities and personal growth.

Kiwanis Golf Event

a Success!!

Everyone had a lot of fun!
The sun was bright and the lawn was green. A successful drive brought a big smile to everyone's face.

Kiwanis Golf Event