Free Seminar - Managing the Huge Cost to Accept Credit Cards 商家信用卡手續省錢講座

Seminar - Managing the Huge Cost to Accept Credit Cards


May 27, 2013 • 9AM to 11AM 

STC Center • 18558 E. Gale Ave., City of Industry, Seasons Place 3rd Floor

Avoiding Five Costly Mistakes Most Businesses Make




    •    不同費率層級和如何避免費率上漲
    •    最適合您的定價合同種類
    •    您為何須為數據盜竊負責以及對您造成的損失
    •    不必要的借記卡交易費用
    •    如何讓您的生意不再花多餘的開支
    •    重新歸類能幫您降低交易費率
    •    何時應當/不應當使用您的借記卡密碼輸入器
    •    遙控、手機和網站支付產生的意外費用
    •    如何更方便更易掌控
    •    您的生意如何從72億的訴訟和解中收益

Today, no matter what business you are in, you need the ability to take payments electronically with credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. However, the way companies are charged for that merchant service vary widely and merchant service pricing and contracts are not clearly understood by business owners.

STC Management is fortunate to offer all of our tenants and business owners in the communities this great opportunity to quickly learn the facts and eliminate the misinformation about how merchant service pricing actually works and how you can manage your cost to take credit cards.  Attend this short, information packed session and learn what no one ever told you that you can use immediately to benefit your business.
Make sure someone from your business attends this session to get the facts!
This is a learning opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

About our Speaker:  Rich Kozak
Rich is an executive master trainer who represents Global Electronic Technology, Inc., and serves as a resource and counsel to business owners of all sizes in the area of payment processing, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and Internet gateway services. He spends much of his time guiding business executives and directors of non-profits how to make well-informed decisions about merchant service pricing and service delivery that are in their organization’s best interest.  Rich’s background in marketing and international business includes an exciting career as a global branding executive with partners worldwide guiding companies to evolve and re-shape their brands. Rich has agreed to speak to all of our business community members as our counsel in the area of merchant services, and he encourages us to bring your own questions!



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